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Why Primary Care Is Key to Your Heart Health

A primary care physician plays an important role in your heart health. Your primary care provider is your first line of defense against heart disease and other serious illnesses. Research shows that when people regularly see their primary care providers, their risk for medical problems declines. Whether you need short-term or long-term medical care, a primary care provider may recommend medications or refer you for higher medical care in Delaware.

Primary care refers to health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, counseling, patient education, and everything else in between.

We focus on primary care and acute illness treatment. We provide high-quality, affordable, and convenient primary care for our patients. Since some risk factors for heart disease cannot be controlled, our medical clinic in Laurel, Delaware focuses on preventing heart disease from happening.

We develop our primary care services to address the need to promote health and wellness in every family. Our professional physicians and nurses can attend to your regular or daily heart health needs.

The best time to choose a doctor is before you need one. As a trusted patient care specialist, Tabitha Medical Care advises everyone to take better care of their heart health by keeping regular checkups with the doctor or clinic.

But lifestyle choices are also key to preventing heart disease. By living a healthy lifestyle, you can keep heart diseases and heart attacks in check. If you want to know more about taking care of your heart or how you can benefit from our medical care, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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