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Types of Moles You Should Never Ignore

types-of-moles-you-should-never-ignoreAlthough others find moles as some kind of imperfection, this is not true. Moles are a normal part of our body. Some of us have them and some of us don’t. But nonetheless, having moles should not be a subject of discrimination or insecurity. The placing of the mole, its size, shape, and color tell a story. Find out more to know if there is a need to have it removed or just continue to ignore it.

Moles should appear and feel as normal as they should be: darker than your skin color and should feel like nothing at all. However, there are three types of moles that you should never ignore. If you see any of these on your body, visit your provider of medical care in Delaware immediately.

Either pink, skin-colored, or multicolored moles

Changing moles

The mole either feels itchy, burning or bleeds

In removing moles, some will opt to do away with it by using home remedies or DIY-ing it themselves. This is not encouraged as home tools should not be used for extractions, unless they are properly and professionally disinfected and sanitized. Topical chemicals may also affect your skin if not used responsibly. Thus, consider getting the help of experts, such as the ones at our patient care facility.

If you are considering getting rid of your moles, Tabitha Medical Care can help you receive prompt and dependable care. Should you observe changes to a certain mole that wasn’t there before, get in touch with our doctors immediately.

Have them examined or treated at our medical clinic in Laurel, Delaware. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our clinic is open to serving you and addressing your needs with the utmost hospitality fit for your convenience.

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