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Uncovering the Truth of the Most Common Wound Myths

uncovering-the-truth-of-the-most-common-wound-mythsHere at our medical clinic in Laurel, Delaware, we at Tabitha Medical Care aim to provide diverse individuals and families with cheap and convenient urgent care whenever they need it. Our on-call doctors provide prompt care and treatment for common and some difficult illnesses and injuries that do not require hospitalization.

Being seasoned providers of reliable and professional medical care in Delaware, we also handle conditions such as wound care. Some patients may present with new cuts, but others may present with filthy wounds that are in danger of infection. These occur as a result of misinformation received by our patients either online or in person.

Wound healing can grow more complicated and time-consuming as we age, especially if we have additional health concerns that interfere with recovery. Conditions that can impede healing include advanced age, diabetes, heart and blood flow difficulties, autoimmune illnesses, and leg edema. These typically necessitate little emergency care.

It’s not a good idea to believe old wives’ stories regarding wounds. To begin with, alcohol should not be used to clean and disinfect a wound. Better to clean the wound with soap and water or with iodine.

Scabbing is not necessarily a sign that a wound is healing. Always keep your wounds wet and protected. This succession of fluid and debris hardening into a coating over your wound or scrape impedes the healing process entirely.

Using honey to cure a wound is also not a good idea unless it is original medical-grade honey, such as Manuka or Leptospermum honey. Make sure not to use the bottled honey you bought at the grocery store because that is mostly sugar.

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