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What to Do during Asthma Attack

what-to-do-during-asthma-attackNon-stop coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath are three alarming signs of an asthma attack. As much as possible, take the asthma patient immediately to a facility for urgent care as this condition could lead to serious health risks.

While waiting for emergency aid, it also helps to do some first aid solutions to help the patient cope. Hence, the first thing to do when this condition comes up is to refer to the patient’s asthma plan. The plan usually outlines the medications and personalized action items for the patient.

If the patient doesn’t have an asthma plan, do the following first-aid solutions for effective patient care:

  • Loosen the patient’s tight clothing, if applicable, and let the person sit upright.
  • Help the patient use the inhaler. Avoid using another person’s inhaler to avoid contracting or spreading infection.
  • If the patient doesn’t have an inhaler, use the one in the first aid kit.
  • Don’t assume that the patient is recovering if the wheezing stops. The person still needs help. Continue using the inhaler if the patient still has breathing problems.

The cure for asthma hasn’t been found yet. However, there are ways to help patients prevent and cope with this condition. With apt healthcare services from a reputable provider of medical care in Delaware, such as Tabitha Medical Care, you can certainly save your loved ones.

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